Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why IM is one of the strongest Mothers I know...

Imagine for a moment that your child is taken out of your arms, and placed far across from you, maybe a mile. In between you are mountains, lakes, rivers, snow storms and hurricanes, all who's focus and goal is to keep you from your child. How do you feel? Is there a welling within your soul, both hormonally and emotionally to do everything within your power to get to your baby? You would not think twice before diving headfirst into that lake, climbing even barefoot over that mountain if you knew your child was waiting for you on the other side.

Now imagine all of those barriers in between you and your baby as infertility.

You KNOW in your soul that you are meant to be a mother. You know it so strongly that it vibrates in your DNA.. it makes you who you are and you long for that child the way a sinking ship longs for air. Every mountain is climbed before seeing another obstacle in front of you. But still you do not give up. You ARE a mother. Mothers do not give up on their children. Another mountain. Your feet begin to blister, but still you climb, numb to the pain. You barely even think of the pain, as you focus on your child waiting for you. You climb faster. A lake. You swim, gasping for air as you dare not look at how far you have left. Keep moving. Don't stop. You focus on the warmth of the soft bundle in your mind, and swim harder. Push...Push. You cough on water as you emerge upon the rocky shore. Another mountain in your path. Suddenly feeling swamped and exhausted you move forward, slightly slower, but continuing to move.

IM has climbed mountains and swam through lakes of pain and emotional turmoil that I will never fully understand. But it is here at the base of what I hope is her final mountain that I join her at her hip and throw her arm over my shoulder to assist her in this final climb. Never have I met a Mother so determined, so driven to get to her baby. I am and will forever be honored that she chose me to support her in her final climb. She is the strongest Mother I have ever met...and while I am still getting to know this woman, and her passions and her strengths, I can already say how blessed I am to be welcomed into her life, and to be entrusted with bringing her baby a mountain or two closer to her grasp. To witness those final moments of emotional exhaustion when mother and child are reunited on this earth at last.

To those women who struggle with infertility...who know their children wait for them either through their own labor and delivery, or through adoption, you are all stronger than I will ever be. I am forever in awe of your drive to become mothers. What a beautiful contribution of love you bring to the lives of children in this world.

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  1. I love love love this! As a woman who has fought the infertility battle for 3 years, you describe it perfectly! We are now looking into starting out journey with a gestational carrier. I have loved reading your view. Thanks for sharing it's a blessing for sure.