Monday, January 20, 2014

My 8 week apt. and last visit with RSC in San Ramon!

Today was my last visit with Reproductive Science Center in San Ramon with Dr. Weckstein. I was scheduled for an ultrasound and then possibly blood work to begin taking me off my medications!! I got the the lobby and the Receptionist said "Hi Corinne!" Haha it felt nice that they knew me by my first name, and she instantly pulled out my chart. There was a couple speaking to another Dr. in the lobby with baby twins in their arms. Twin girls. I got so bubbly and excited at the thought that it might be IF and IM in here with their baby, showing Dr Weckstein in 7 months!!

The ultrasound went well, the baby was so much bigger than last time I saw it, and actually had begun taking on some human characteristics. Dr. Weckstein pointed out the head, and the spine, and even a leg! I took a video of it and send it to the IPs after the appointment. I still have a little bit of remaining blood loose in my uterus that my body hasn't absorbed yet, so I need to still take things relatively easy and rest as often as I can. I meet this Thursday with my new OB at Kaiser. He came very highly recommended, so I am excited to meet him and begin the rest of this journey in his care.

8 weeks down!! Yay! Bring on the second trimester...because this morning sickness/All day sickness has come on full swing. I am eating a rice cake as I type this, so I dont vomit all over my keyboard. Lovely image right? Goodnight everyone!

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