Sunday, February 9, 2014

Officially off my meds!! 11 weeks Pregnant

Last Monday was my last day taking any medication for this pregnancy (except for prenatal vitamins obviously.) I ended my shots first, and then continued my Estradiol and Progesterone Capsule for another week. They lowered my dose of Estradiol to one pill per day though instead of 6, so that was nice.

My hips are still sore from my shots. They have been numb since about the third week of shots, and are just now gaining feeling back in them. They feel tingly and like pins are being stuck into them every now and then. I think its my nerves trying to recover. Poor Hunter my son tryies to sit behind me on the couch only to hear me wince and shriek when he hits my hips in the wrong spot. He likes to bend down and kiss my "boo boos" for me though. I pretend it helps.

One thing that I found really DOES help is Arnicare Arnica Creme from Whole Foods and Sprouts. Its homeopathic, and really does take the muscle pain away. The only downside is that it doesnt last for too long. I reapply a lot. It also helped to lay on a heating pad right after the shot was administered for like 30 minutes.

I'm 11 weeks pregnant now. Every Saturday is a new week. My morning sickness is pretty bad. I cant even sit up in the morning without first eating something. One morning I got adventurous and a little ballsy and decided I would try changing my 1 year old daughter's diaper, and pour my son some cereal before I got too sick. Ya... I made it to pouring the cereal before running to the kitchen trash can. Hot tea helps and feels good on my tummy, also Ginger Ale. I am constantly eating to keep from being too sick, but I can never eat too much. Its small meals.

My husband and I are going on our 5 year anniversary trip this Friday. Its actually in Aug, but I will be 9 months pregnant then and not really in the mood or place to travel so we are going now. I can't wait for the full night of sleep, when I can shut my mommy ears off, and relax. I am also getting a prenatal massage the next day and will be enjoying the view of Sonoma from my room's balcony. I will need to remember to pack snacks for the night though! Don't want to have to call room service at 3am.. "Uh yes you have any saltine crackers and..bleeeeechhhh." Cute.

Thats all for now.

Cravings this month:
~V8 Juice with Tapatio sauce over ice
~Spicy food over rice

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