Thursday, February 20, 2014

12 Week Appointment with Ultrasound

Today was my 12 week appointment. I have been on Zofran for almost a week now and it has seriously helped me be able to function. My Dr, Michelle Pham is amazing. She is totally relatable and understanding and accomodating to this surrogacy. When I told her about my struggles with nausea this pregnancy she sent the prescription right away and I felt like a new woman!

Todays appointment was pretty routine. Pee in a cup to test for protein and sugar in my urine, and then blood pressure and wait for the Dr. We had an ultrasound today and I was completely blown away at the clarity of the ultrasound!! It was even better than the ultrasounds I had with my own kids! The baby looked like a baby now. I could see a nose, and eyes, and even a tiny hand!! It was so neat. I was really excited to get it on video for my IPs. I just knew that IM would love seeing how wiggly her baby is!! The baby even gave us a clear view at the possible sex of the baby. Dr. Pham said if she had to guess she would say Girl!! So we won't know for sure obviously until the 20 week Ultrasound on the 12th of April, but it was still neat to have something to show and tell my IPs other than "All looks great!"

I'm excited for my 16 week appointment although there will be no ultrasound then. I am enjoying every step of this pregnancy. :) My IPs were so excited to hear from me about the appointment today and to see their baby! (Enjoy the video below..had to be trimmed for size and may not play on smartphones.)

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