Monday, August 26, 2013

Frustrations..they happen.

Thank God for Michelle from SAI, she is keeping me sane and probably shielding me from even more frustrations with a certain individual at the Fertility Clinic I am working with for this transfer. There is a woman at the clinic..I'll call her "J", who is handling my paperwork and supposedly gathering my medical files so that she can schedule me for an appointment to come in and get screened and passed medically for this surrogacy. Well... I say supposedly because she has emailed both myself and Michelle asking US to get all of the paperwork for her. I did as much as I was able, but the hospital I delivered Hunter at in MN will only send my medical files to the Fertility clinic directly. I sent J the number to call and gave her the instructions from the hospital and cc'd Michelle. No reply. So then I CALLED J and gave her the same info again. She then emailed MICHELLE and asked HER to get the paperwork to send her. Michelle kindly reminded her that in my instructions I stated that the files could only be sent to a medical facility. SAI is NOT a medical facility. It's been over a week now, and neither Michelle or I have heard from J at all!! Michelle called my hospital in MN and they said no one has called them to ask for my paperwork!!!

Here is why I am fuming.... Not only is J wasting my time and prolonging this whole situation because she is lazy and doesnt want to do work, she is delaying poor Intended Father and Intended Mother who have waited YEARS to become parents because of health issues and now when it's in their grasp and in their sights SHE IS MAKING THEM WAIT BECAUSE SHE IS LAZY!!! Its paperwork!!! Its in her hands and she is taking her sweet time!! She has no sense of urgency and I am getting really really frustrated. I get that my appointment for transfer needs to be 9 months after Emma is born, I get that... but there is more that she can do in the meantime that she is NOT doing. And she is NOT communicating! Sorry... I just feel very angry that this J person is causing even more delay for IF and IM.. They are such beautiful people. I hope J gets her act together ASAP or I will talk to them about working with another woman in the clinic. Someone who sees just how important this work is.

Whew.. ok.. I feel a little more calm.

**Intended Father (IF) Intended Mother (IM)

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  1. You should definitely talk to the clinic about this person and see about getting transferred to someone else. I am sure Klaus and Niniek are giving the clinic a TON of money to make this surrogacy happen and thank God they have you because what if you weren't as proactive as you are? They could be waiting months and months waiting for something to happen if it weren't for you be on top of things, it's the clinic's job to move things along and make sure this happens, that's what they get paid for!

    Good luck, I hope everything works out soon. :)