Thursday, September 12, 2013

Needle Pricks, Ultrasounds and lots and lots of information. (TMI??)

This is going to have a lot of the medical side to the consultation appointment so if you are squeemish about medical facts and natural human reproductive things DONT read any further..because I wont be censoring  anything.

Today was my appointment with the Reproductive Science Center in San Ramon. Jason and I had an appointment at 8:30am and (surprise surprise) we were running late. My friend Nicole came over at 7:30 to watch the kids, and I scrambled to get everything together and make sure I had all of the paperwork before leaving the house. I called the Dr at 8:20 to let them know we would be late. We got there at 8:45 and were sent to the blood lab. I gave a urine sample (the bathroom was chocked full of porn by the way...ahhh! Was not expecting it to be just laying out but...whatever. I'm no prude...anymore.) Jason gave blood and then I gave 6 vials. Basically they were testing for everything to make sure I was healthy and not deficient of anything. Then Jason and I met with our Nurse Practitioner Chris. She was so very nice and extremely patient and informative. She explained the entire process in detail. She explained the medication I would be taking and when I should begin taking it.

After my next period begins, I start taking an estrogen pill every day. Then 3 days before the embryo transfer Jason will give me one progesterone shot per day right in my rump. Ow! I will continue the shot every day for the next 7 weeks. I will also have a vaginal pill that I insert twice daily. (That was new to me... hadn't expected that one.) I will be on baby asprin every day and also on prenatal vitimins. :) Its a lot, but I can do it!! No problem.

After our questions with Chris the NP, we went to do the ultrasound. My ovaries were measured, but because I am still having some bleeding from my current period we were unable to do the saline mock transfer and she was unable to be sure my uterus was clear of pollups or scar tissue, so I go back in on Monday for another ultrasound.

Jason and I were starving after the appointment so we sat and had a nice lunch at Burger King. I haven't eaten there in forever! I told him I think the last time I ate at a Burger King was when we picked up some of his buddies from the Palm Springs Airport after his pre-deployment leave and shoved three marines and a terrified new marine wife in a truck with broken air conditioning.Cozy.

I was very happy to come home to find two happy babies, and a package from my friend Paula of her Renn Faire clothes she is lending me to wear to the Faire that is in town! I am so excited to go again.. it's been years since I have been there and I plan on enjoying a nice cold beer in costume at 10am... It will be the last drink I have for the next year or so. :) I'm excited for the next step in this surrogacy process.. Ultrasound on monday..then contracts!! Yay!

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  1. Yay congrats on making through another step! And oh so happy that you are just a bit ahead of me and my journey so that I get to watch and learn from you! ;-)