Monday, August 12, 2013

Paperwork paperwork paperwork...

So much of this surrogacy process is paperwork. I spent much of Friday and Saturday printing off all the paperwork I needed to fill out for my psychiatric screening, and the medical history questions for the IVF clinic. Then I needed to have all of the paperwork from Hunter's delivery and pre-natal apts and Emma's prenatal and delivery apts sent to the clinic. I dont mind paperwork, sometimes I think filling out paperwork is theraputic in that I really let what I'm doing settle in my mind. I have time to think of the seriousness of what I am embarking on as I sign my name to the bottom of each sheet of paper.

Paperwork is the EASY part..if I can't handle paperwork, then the rest of this journey would be too difficult for me.

Saturday morning I had my skype meeting with the SAI agency's psychiatrist for my evaluation. How amazing is it that I could sit for a session with the Dr over a computer?! Technology is truly incredible. She met with both Jason and myself and we discussed our history, how we met, why we want to be surrogates, our strengths, what we admire in each other. That kind of thing. I really enjoyed listening to Jason's responses bc I personally find it difficult to inspire him to open up like that. Hearing the details of why he loves me or what he admires about me really warmed my heart. Don't get me wrong, I KNOW the man loves me.. but hearing the details of why was nice. After our interview, i took a little online test that was 300 questions long and evaluated the complexities of my personality. HA! Good luck test... I hope they sent the answers to Jason. HAHA I'm joking. The test was pretty accurate I thought. She read it's findings to me. Pretty neat!

I received an email from the IVF clinic that said I need to wait until Emma is 9 months old before beginning my fertility shots for the Embryo transfer. So that means my screening apt and blood work wont be until the end of September and I probably wont be officially pregnant until maybe November. I keep reminding myself to breathe. IF and IM have not pressured me to move things faster in any way, but I am the one wishing things would be moving faster! I want to be pregnant next week so I can give them their baby sooner! But I know that certain steps need to happen, and especially must be done for MY health. I'm just impatient. :) Always have been... always will be.

Next step is meeting with my attorney to sign contracts, and then wait until Sept for screenings. :)

In other news, my house smells amazing. I love my diffuser from IF and IM, and it came with perfume that I am obsessed with. Oh and I am making new friends via instagram who are also surrogate mommies!! I love technology sometimes.

** (IF) Intended Father (IM) Intended Mother
For Privacy Reasons names will remain private.

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  1. Can't wait to hear about your experiences with IVF! :)