Sunday, September 17, 2017

Play Date at the Park

Today my new IPs met us at a local park. I had a matinee showing of my play at 2:30, so we made our park play date for 10:30am. This was the first time we would see each other in person. The first time we met was over FaceTime on our phones. I could see IF and their son walking on the dirt path ahead of us as Jason and the kids and I walked over from the parking lot. They had baseball caps on, and were watching the drones flying around an obstacle course someone set up on the large field at the park. I could see IM, and she must have sensed us coming because she turned, her blond hair whipping slightly in the breeze, and waved joyfully at us. I waved back. Hunter was on Jason's shoulders and Emma held onto my hand and to a stick she gathered along our way.

As soon as we saw each other we embraced. I introduced Hunter to their son, and soon the kids were off running on the playground. My IPs brought us a bag of fresh pastries from their local bakery, and fruit from their farmers market. It was so sweet of them, and the croissants were crispy and flakey on the outside and light and fluffy as clouds on the inside.

We talked about life, halloween plans, kindergarten, 1st grade, how Jason and I met, family on all our sides in Minnesota, city living, and all kinds of stuff. We talked about the IVF process, and hospitals. It was so fantastic because there was not even 1 uncomfortable moment. No time where I thought to myself "what on earth do I say next?" Finally at about 12:20 I said we needed to go so I could prepare for my call time at the theater of 1pm. We hugged and said our goodbyes at our cars, and look forward to seeing each other again many times. Its a beautiful beginning to another incredible surrogacy.

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