Saturday, August 12, 2017

When you know, you know.

Last week I was having a really tough time. Summer is coming to a close, and we are getting ready to head back to school and my work, and along with that comes stress. My son has been struggling with his Tourettes, and on Thursday it all just kind of had me in an exhausted funk. Luckily my mom, who was setting up her Kindergarten classroom for the year, needed help so I packed up my kiddos and we spent the day playing and organizing in her room. While I was there I got a phone call that said "SAI calling.." my agency!! I answered and sure enough there was Ann with that tone of voice I always knew to mean "I have something exciting to tell you.." Sure enough she had a profile to send me! The second she told me the IPs names, my arms covered in goosebumps, and if you're a long time reader of my blogs you know that I attribute those goosebumps to mean that the Holy Spirit is near by. I imagine the warmth of the spirit near me jumping up and down silently going "Oooo just wait Corinne, it's gunna be good."I laughed and told Ann "You could honestly just send the profile b/c I already have a really good feeling about them." I waited a few minutes for my email to go *bing*, and then opened their PDF file that had beautiful photos of the couple, their young son who is Hunter's age, and their incredible story of how they have come to need my help. I read the whole thing all the way through and didn't need more than a half second to think "Yes..this feels right." We set up a Facetime meeting for Saturday the 12th at 1:30, and I knew it was going to be good.

This morning before my meeting with the new IPs, Jason packed up the kids and Max (our dog) and headed out for a day of hiking. That way I could talk to them uninterrupted, and have some time alone to think about my conversation after we were done. At 1:30 on the dot they called and I were all 3 smiles and hellos. It was fantastic, the whole conversation flowed very naturally and easily. Nothing felt forced. We talked about my previous surrogacies, and how different they were. We talked about what my expectations as a surrogate were in terms of communications, medical care etc. We talked about what our kids loved, and about school starting soon. We ended the conversation and must have emailed Ann at the same time, agreeing to move forward together!! So I guess you could say, as we do in the surrogacy world..

It's a match!!

Journey number 3 has begun. <3