Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Transfer

On November 10th 2017 ( The Marine Corps Birthday as my husband told everyone..) we had our embryo transfer! I got there at 11:30am, and started all the paperwork. It was relatively simple and fast. We verified that we would be implanting only one embryo, and got to see the photo of the little boy. His embryo was already "hatching" as they call it, which is the stage before the amniotic sack is formed. It was so cool to see that!! You could even see the small cluster of cells that would eventually form into the baby. Science is freaking amazing, bottom line.

I dressed in my gowns and hair net, wore my super fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm, and sat in a small room with a nice warm heater. It was all about keeping me warm and relaxed. I walked into the procedure room and IM and IF were already seated and gowned, ready to be with me while their baby was placed in my womb. IM chatted with me pleasantly about life as we waited for the Dr to place the catheter, and then for the embryologist to bring in their little boy. He was place into my womb like "A poppy seed in a jar of peanut butter." as my nurse put it. We all laughed at that.

After the procedure was done, no pain or discomfort for me at all, I used the bathroom and lay down for 30 minutes with a tube that had warm air pumping right into my bed. Kept me very warm and relaxed. I had a cup of tea and we all chatted about our families and life. My IPs are so amazing. IM had a moment where she wanted me to know that whatever the outcome of this transfer, she was beyond grateful to me and to my family. IM had the pain of going through 17 failed transfers, I definitely understood her worry and also her deep gratitude, but I was so hopeful for them.

After the 30 minutes they walked me down to Jason's truck that waited for me outside. They gave me a gift bag filled with goodies including tea and a rose plant! They even gave my mom a bag of chocolates since I would be spending my 24 hour bedrest at her house. Much quieter and relaxing there than at my own home. Haha!

I am now 8 days past my transfer and have had positive pregnancy tests since 6 days!!!! YAY!!! Tomorrow is my first blood beta where they know my exact number for HCG count. I can't wait to report high numbers!

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