Monday, June 12, 2017

In the words of DJ Khaled..."Another one."

Hi's me, and I'm doing another surrogacy.

" she serious? She's going to do ANOTHER surrogacy?"

That's right people. I'm on the journey to another surrogacy. I wanted to write this blog because of a few reasons, mainly because I want to explain why I'm back.

I've decided that I'm not ever going to say "I'm done" ever again. Why? Because it commits myself to an idea that I feel in a moment, in a season, and I may change my mind. Which I've done. ;)

I would love to do a sibling journey for any of my previous surrogate parents, but I don't believe any of them are at a point in their family lives where they want that and so no..I don't believe this is a sibling journey. I wanted to carry for another Gay couple again, but now that my profile is submitted, I am open to whomever Creator sends to me.

Ive had two children of my own, three surrogate babies, and now I want to do another one. I am requesting only a single embryo transfer this time only because twins was SO hard on my body and my family. I LOVE my surrogate twins and I'm so happy I had the experience, but I now know I cannot do it again. I'm also waiting to do the transfer until late October or November so I can have the baby over summer and not miss work. So here I am.. ready to bring a soul earth side. I already feel like it will be a boy. Lets see how it goes eh?!

Welcome back to the ride...

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