Friday, May 6, 2016

Surrogates on Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day has been special to me since having children. My husband has always gone above and beyond to be sure that the day was relaxing and that I felt appreciated. People call it "The one holiday a year that mom's get." But even that isn't true. ;) We still work, and overtime.

So what do Surrogates think on Mother's Day after they've delivered their surrogate babies into the arms of their families? What do Surrogates think on Mother's Day when their surro-babies don't have a mommy but have two daddies?

For me, Mother's Day is mostly about my own children, and the journey that brought me to my own motherhood, but I would be lying if I said that my surro-babes didn't rest gently in my thoughts on this special day. I did carry them in my body for 9 months and deliver them. But it's slightly different. For my first set of IPs I mainly think about my IM on Mother's Day. How this year will be her second Mother's Day, and how she is always so proud when she updates me on Alaya. Mother's Day in that sense for me is about re-living the joy and fulfillment that I felt when I saw her become a mother for the first time. Her tears, her smile, her relief. Mother's day for that surro-family to me becomes a beautiful day of enjoying a treasured memory.

For this time around with my IF's, it's a little different. These babies will have two amazing daddies and will not have a mother. So Mother's Day with them on my heart feels slightly different. I won't be their mother (obviously), but I love them very much. I love them for the love and happiness they will bring their Dads, and Mother's Day will be a pleasant reminder that I was the one lucky enough to be chosen to carry them in my belly. It's incredibly special to be that vessel for them, and Mother's Day will be the reminder that their daddies needed a mama like me to help them meet their babies. Wow... what a blessing. What an honor and true gift that it got to be me!

Forever and for always I will hold dear the tiny little hearts that grew strong in my belly... My Hunter and Emma, Alaya and now these two little twins. Thank you God for making my body strong and my belly warm. Thank you for giving me a loving and supportive husband who guides me and holds me on my weak days when I feel sore and tired. For my babies who love these little guests with as much vigor as a normal sibling, but who understand and accept with grace that they are different. God is good.

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