Friday, April 22, 2016

Our Exploratorium Trip in SF

On March 12th my amazing IF's invited us out to SF for the day where we spent a few hours together at the Exploratorium! We were planning on going to the zoo, but it was raining really hard all day so we switched to a fun indoor activity. Jason, Hunter, Emma and I all bundled up for the cold SF rain and parked on the pier jumping in puddles all the way to the exploratorium.

We were all so happy to see each other in the lobby, hugs all around. First thing I did was have both daddies put their hands on my tummy so they could feel their babies. The babies weren't moving, but if you pushed a little you could feel the lumps of their tiny bodies in my tummy. That was cool for them! Then we walked around playing and learning at all the different centers. It was fun for me to watch my IFs interact and play with my kids. Hunter and Emma loved the exhibits with steam, and the ones they could run in and get really hands on. We had a ton of fun together!

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