Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My health....and waiting.

Well here I am, 2 months post op and I am 100% better. Not only do I have my energy back, but I am able to work out pain free and I am back on my normal womanly schedule. Woohoo!! My Dr. gave me the total clear to be a surrogate again. Said everything looks as if Essure was never even there.... So what am I waiting for??

Well my husband is in the Interview process with San Diego Police,  If we don't end up moving I will be matched again too. Just gotta wait a few more weeks.

I hate that part....waiting. I think if there is ONE lesson God really wants me to excel in, it's patience. For real. First as a Marine Wife I had to wait for a LOT of different reasons..war being one of them. Then if pregnancy isn't a test of patience I don't know WHAT is, and now my own children. They're pretty much going the extra mile in the "Helping mom gain more patience" dept. *Glare*

So that's it for now.. Still getting nice updates from my first IPs. Little Alaya is growing up so quickly!! I can't believe her 1st birthday is coming up. Crazy.

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