Friday, April 17, 2015

The coils are OUT!!

*Forgive me if this blog post seems a tad scatter brained as I am writing it while on pain medication.*

On April 13th Jason and I flew to Los Angeles CA for my Essure removal surgery. My best friend Reshea flew out from Arizona to watch my kids for me. I spent the day before we left organizing as much of the kid's stuff as I could so that Reshea wouldn't have to search high and low for things as she needed them, but Emma is 2, and wanders off with everything so I don't know why I bothered. Haha. We got to the airport and our flight was delayed an hour which didn't really bother me because I didn't have little kids to entertain, and I just settled my head in on Jason's shoulder and waited. Our flight was quick, and the car to our hotel was smooth. I highly recommend Blacklane as a company to transport you to your hotel. Cheaper than a taxi and nicer than one too.

We had my pre-op appointment at 2:30. I met with Dr. Saadat at the Reproductive Fertility center in Beverly Hills. The office was extremely nice, and clean, up to date and the staff were so kind. He met with me, went over all my paperwork and my medical files from my Essure placement. Then he did an ultrasound and we got everything ready for the next day's surgery. My surgery was moved up to 6am. The first surgery of the day! We got to the Surgical center and filled out some more paperwork before I headed back to change into a gown and socks and a pretty little hair net. (Not cute.) Then I sat in the bed while the anesthesiologist met with me. He was very patient, and explained the entire process in great detail before I walked back to the procedure room. I lay down and he gave me a small amount and asked me how I felt. I said I felt slightly drunk, then he gave some more and I could barely keep my eyes open, so he gave some more and I was OUT! It felt like I slept a really good sleep. When I woke up I could immediately tell that my back pain which was constant, was gone. I couldn't believe it. I didn't feel nauseated, but I did feel tired, and a little dizzy. Dr. Saadat came to talk to me and told me that everything came out perfectly!!! My uterus is totally perfect and without any scarring, I can be a surrogate again! He tied my tubes traditionally and everything went without a hitch. I even have the cup of my coils. Those things look brutal.

I came back to my hotel room, and my husband Jason took amazing care of me. It is truly therapeutic for a marriage to go through something like this together. It gave me a greater appreciation for my husband and it was touching to have his gentle care of me.

My best friend since 1st grade Jeffrey came by to visit me since he only lives about 45 mins away from my hotel. He spent both days with me, and brought me a yummy Starbucks. It was so nice to visit and catch up with him.

I am home now and recovering nicely. I can't believe it but even two days after surgery I can see a difference in my belly. I am no longer swollen to the point of looking pregnant. I have been urinating like crazy and I think it's because I am loosing all of the swelling and water weight I was holding onto with the Essure in.
Me the day before surgery, and two days after surgery.

I am beyond grateful to all of my friends and family who donated to my go fund me account to have these removed. I honestly could NOT have afforded this without you all. YOU saved me..and you can count yourselves among the many who work to help create families. Because of YOU I can now help create another baby for a deserving family. And for that I thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Words can honestly not express enough how grateful I am to you all who helped. Thank you.

The plan is to take a few months to heal. We are waiting to find out where Jason's upcoming career will take us, and when we get settled I will be matched again! I can't wait. :)

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