Monday, August 10, 2015

Its a match!!

Yesterday was an exciting day, but it started pretty normally. I woke up and knocked over my coffee maker, spilling grounds and water all over my parent's kitchen. That took me about 45 minutes to clean up and I'm still finding grounds this morning. Then I wiped some boogers from sick little noses and ran to unload some more of our stuff at the storage facility down the road. I sat in the car waiting for my husband to pull up in his truck, and thought about how this exact weekend 2 years ago I met my first set of IPs. I took a photo is my nervous face before leaving to go meet them, so I decided to take another similar photo.

I wondered, "Were they as nervous as I was? Are they excited?" I drove back home and changed my clothes into a black and white dress. "Do I look like I had 3 kids? Is that something they even care I look in a dress?" Then the thoughts only a surrogate has ever had start popping into my mind.. thoughts like "Oh Hi..nice to meet you both..may I carry your baby in my uterus for you?" Like seriously...who thinks that? Surrogates. Thats who. 

We went to a restaurant in Sunnyvale called Faz. Its actually the restaurant my parents were married could even see the garden from our table. I was calm the whole ride there..but as I sat at the table I subconsciously began twisting my hands and fingers. I said to Jason "I think I'm starting to get nervous now." and he laughed and said "I noticed..your starting to fidget." I debated a glass of wine, but I could feel a headache coming on and knew a glass would throw me over the edge and into the land of head pain. Then as I looked at Jason, he said "I think that's them...yup" and I had a second where I prepared to turn my head and look. One of those moments where you know everything is about to change. And there they were..walking towards me with smiles on their faces. It was like everyone in the restaurant disappeared into gray and they were two pillars of color. I broke into a huge smile and knew this was going to be great. We ordered our food, and talked about so many things. How they both grew up in the midwest the same as my husband and I was pleasantly surprised that my Jason talked about as much as I did the whole dinner! They had a lot in common being midwest boys living in CA. ;) 

We talked about my last surrogacy, about breast feeding, about family, and travel. It was an easy flowing conversation filled with laughter. I was relaxing with each minute. 

We are all hoping to get together again soon, this time in San Francisco. I can't wait to see them again, and I can see this being another amazing journey.

(Jason, Me, IF#1, IF#2)

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