Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Start of Something Wonderful...

Today my IFs came to our house for a visit! This was my idea for a couple reasons, the first being that it was important to me that they see our home. I know that if I were an IP (Intended Parent) I would want to see that the person that was going to carry my baby wasn't a hoarder, or living in their own filth or some other horrific situation that might affect the health of my baby. I also wanted them to meet my kids, and I knew my kids would be most comfortable here in our home, and then the final reason of course was that they were just so awesome I couldn't wait to see them again and learn more about them.

Emma and Hunter sat on the couch, leaning out the opened window when Brad and Tomer pulled up. Hunter had spent the last 5 minutes yelling out our window "Brandon and Tomer where areeee youuu??" For some reason Hunter's having a hard time saying "Brad." We'll work on it. ;) The kids got so excited when we saw them walking up the drive way! I let them in, and graciously accepted the still warm Pecan Pie that Brad extended to me. Yummmmmm. I couldn't wait to cut into it. He said his Southern upbringing prohibited him from visiting a house without baked goods. Haha! We sliced into it right away and poured our coffees and settled on the sofas in my living room. The kids were each given a gift from Brad and Tomer! It was so sweet of them to bring something for the kids. Hunter wanted to play with his toy cars right away, and Brad showed Emma how to make the spiky hair on her toy's head stand up straight and silly. We spent the next 2 and a half hours talking about all kinds of things, from our families, to our heritage, possibilities of birth photography and baby blogs with their ever changing "guaranteed to work for your child" philosophies.

We opened my scrap book and looked at the photos from my previous surrogacy, and Hunter came over to sit on my lap. I took the gravity of the moment and said "Hey Hunter do you remember when IM and IF let me watch their baby in my tummy so she could grow big and strong? And then I gave her back to her mommy and daddy when she was done growing? Do you remember that?" He nodded and Brad and Tomer smiled, "Well these daddies right here are going to let the Dr put their baby in my tummy so I can help it to grow big and strong too, and then their baby can go home with them isn't that neat?" Hunter nodded and said "Ya!" and smiled at Brad and Tomer before running off again.

Have you ever met people that you just feel comfortable with? Where the conversation flows easily, and you could go on and on just enjoying each other's company? I'm so happy today. I'm so filled with Joy and excitement for these men and where their lives are about to go. I can't wait to finish all my med screens so I can sign contracts and get started on prepping for a transfer!! Being a surrogate is honestly the biggest privilege. I'm so honored.

p.s. we were having SUCH a good time that I completely forgot to take pictures of us together. HA! The photographer forgot to take pics... ironic.

 The Pie!!


 One of Hunter's cars he got from Brad and Tomer!

 Flowers I bought to liven up my kitchen

 Emma's little furry toy she named "Emma".

Me  :)

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