Saturday, February 14, 2015

Meeting my new IFs (Intended Fathers)

I forgot about this feeling. I forgot how incredibly nervous and on edge I felt with my first surrogacy when I was on my way to meet my IPs (Intended Parents.) Jason and I asked my friend Nicole to watch our kids, and I changed from my skirt to pants at the last second before heading to the truck. We were meeting at Starbucks, about a mile from our house. Of course we were 15 minutes early. Thats a habit this Marine and his wife haven't kicked yet (at least when we don't have our kids in tow.) I ordered a drink and found a nice table outside. It was about 72 degrees and sunny, a beautiful day. Jason and I chatted and I sent a text to Brad and Tomer saying "We are here, but we are early so no rush." and they walked around the corner 2 minutes later.

We were all instant smiles, I stood to go hug Brad first and he is so tall! I gave Tomer a hug and asked the guys if they wanted to get their drinks and then sit with us. They went inside and after ordering and walking out with their drinks we all sat together and the conversation started. We talked about family, nieces and nephews, parents, where we all grew up, how we met our spouses. Then we had true conversation. The real stuff, under all the fluff. What they went through to finally reach surrogacy to help them become dads, the risks they had to weigh with adoption, the search for the right Surrogate mother, the defeat of wondering if the match would ever happen, and the relief at knowing that this was going to be a great match. We talked about the IVF clinic in San Francisco, about Brad's hopes to be a stay at home dad, and the new found appreciation the two of them would have in each other as parents.

Here in front of me were two men who were fighting to be dads. They were standing at the brink of a new phase of life, and I enjoyed being slightly removed and noticing them and holding that moment in my mind, because its a beautiful reflection on the day I'm in labor when I see them hold that baby for the first time. Its this beautiful calm before the beautiful storm. The craziness, the chaos, the learning, the crying, both child and father, the love and appreciation, the growth I know Brad and Tomer will have in their love for each other when they see the other as a father, it's just the best.

Surrogacy is such an honor to be able to participate in, and I am just so touched that God put these two men in my life, who will be trusting me with the care of their little one. They get to come to the appointments, and be as involved as they want and I am so excited for this awesome new journey.

(Tomer, Brad, Me, Jason)

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