Tuesday, August 12, 2014

37 weeks and 3 days..early labor and 3 trips to the hospital.

Why isn't labor as clear cut and easy as on television? Thats what I want to know. Ideally I should be walking around minding my own business when all of a sudden I bend over in pain and say "Its time!" and then that's it.. right? Or my water would break and then suddenly I'm huffing and puffing to the nearest car. Unfortunately labor and the eventual delivery is not that simple.

For me, labor begins about a week before I actually deliver. This is how its been with both my children and how it's seeming to go with Princess Surrobaby as well. This weekend I started having regular braxton hicks and went in and was 50% effaced and closed. (Meaning not dilated.) The following morning I went in again to have a test done to see if my waters were leaking and they were not but I was then 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Overnight! My IPs were literally on their way from southern CA and IF planned on stopping by to visit with his friend and the woman who had been their family nanny at 5pm. When they got here I was so relieved. My contractions were every 5 mins and very painful. I had to close my eyes and go completely inward to focus on getting through the contraction. The room would get very quiet each time I had a contraction and Jason timed them on his iphone, showing IF the different aps that were available to download to time contractions etc.

IF's friend was so kind and complimented me several times on how controlled I seemed to be with my pain management. I tend to get very quiet when I'm in labor pain. It hurts too much to have the energy to scream. IF's friend is a professional photographer and asked me if i was on with him taking some pictures and  keeping a photo journal of the labor etc for my IPs. I was totally ok with that. :) I also happened to have had makeup on that day.. go me!! After about an hour of contractions every 5 mins we decided to go in to the hospital. IM and her parents were still on their flight from LA, and would land in SF any minute then meet us at the hospital. I went to an observation room and was hooked up to monitors and they informed me my contractions were now 2-3 mins apart. I kept thinking "This is it! I'm in labor!" soon my IM walked into the room. Princess surrobaby's heart rate accelerated and she began moving all over the place. We all laughed and IM put her hands on my tummy to feel her daughter moving and to feel my contractions. She was an OB and I saw her go between Dr, and excited mother. She looked at the chart with my contractions and felt my tummy and stood beside me with two sides to her. The Dr who was all too familiar with delivering babies, and the excited/nervous mommy. After a few hours my contractions unfortunately tapered off some and when I was checked I was still 2cm and 50% effaced so they let me go home. These past few days have been filled with mild to strong contractions that don't get worse or closer together but are enough to keep me awake at night and make me feel like I've been hit by a semi truck. My husband has been so kind to take these past two days off of work to help me here at home. He won't get paid for the days off, but it's worth it to have him help me here we feel.

I was so lucky to have my best friend Reshea visit me as well during this whole ordeal. She flew out from AZ and stayed with us for 5 days. She woke up with my kids in the morning so I could sleep some more, and helped with everything here at the house. It was honestly a life saver having her here. :)

I am now 37 weeks and 3 days. The exact day I delivered Emma on. We shall see how long I go from here. Could be any day though! Here is my sad face belly picture and one where Hunter decided to do a belly shot with me. ;)

P.s. Yes I know babies are supposed to stay in utero until 40 weeks.. yes I know its best for her to remain in me. Just don't tell me that right now while I've been in labor for 3 days k?

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