Tuesday, July 22, 2014

34 Weeks and Packing a Surrogates's Hospital Bag.

This past Saturday was my 34 week mark. I cannot believe how quickly everything is going now. Its so strange to look back at my day of transfer and think that today Princess Surrobaby is the size of a cantaloupe and roughly 5 lbs. (I hate those fruit comparisons for size, but if we're being honest here I feel more like a watermelon than a cantaloupe.) My last Dr's appointment my Dr checked me for dialation and I am still closed and good to go. My cervix is also really high, but thats normal for me. When I was pregnant with Emma the nurse had to call a Dr with longer fingers to check me, and then he grabbed my cervix by the opening and pulled it down and around Emma's head. THAT felt GREAT. ;) I feel like I wrote that already in a previous blog...and if I did...oh well. Pregnancy brain. Here is a picture of my belly that I took 2 days ago...

My lower back and hips are killing me, but besides that things are going pretty well! I'm a lot more tired, and walking slowly. I am really anxious for my IM and IF to be in country. They get to CA in less than a week and I will be SO relieved when they are at least within an hour's flight of here. Their family is coming with them but I am really hoping to spend some time with them so they can feel her kicking and maybe show them some of the sights around here like the Henry Cowell National Park that is just 45 mins away. They have HUGE redwood trees there and I know for a fact that there are no Redwood trees in Indonesia. :) I also found a restaurant that makes amazing Dutch/Indo food in SF so I may order a lot of Nasi Goreng and Krokettes or Gado Gado...I may make my own peanut sauce too. Hehe. I haven't even asked the IPs if they will have time for any of this.. I'm just thinking out loud.  They may have a lot to do to get ready still. We shall see!

So I bought new pieces for my breast pump today. I'm so happy that I get to pump for Princess Surrobaby! I was planning on pumping anyways but its even better that it gets to go to them! I packed it all and got it ready to bring to the hospital when I go into labor. I got to thinking the other day...what does a Surrogate pack and bring to the hospital when she doesn't have a baby to care for afterwards?

Here is the list I have compiled so far...

-Phone and ipad charger
-Hairdryer and Straightener
-Comfy clothes
-Granny Panties (for using with large pads)
-Large Pads for heavy bleeding after birth.
-Breast Pump with bags and bottles
-Snacks for in between hospital meals
-Fuzzy Socks
-Body Pillow and fuzzy blanket
-Maternity clothes to wear home.
-Gift for IM and Gift for IF.
-Goodie bags for nursing team

Any other ideas or suggestions let me know! :)

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