Friday, June 27, 2014

Low low low and a cervix check

Well I am 31 weeks tomorrow and in the past few days Princess Surrobaby has DROPPED into my pelvis. I dont think I have ever carried a baby this low before. You can even see where my abs on top are and then my tummy goes out. I mean...look at that! Weird right?

So I emailed my Dr. about it because it concerned me. I was also feeling a LOT of pressure in my cervix area and was worried she had dropped because she was planning on coming early. My Dr said to come in if I wanted but as long as I wasn't having contractions and or fluids leaking (aka my waters) then I should be ok.  I knew that my IPs would want to make sure everything was totally normal so I drove myself to Labor and Delivery at Kaiser San Leandro (Which is gorgeous by the way...) Reminder to self...park on the left of the building because I had quite a hike to the L&D area. Checked into Triage and they took me to an observation room. I got hooked up to some monitors and there was Princess Surrobaby as sassy as ever, kicking those monitors off my belly. The nurse had to readjust them several times because every time she would kick, they would slip down. Haha...sorry..IM is pretty fit and athletic..this baby is ACTIVE just like her mama. Princess Surrobaby had a great heartrate in the 150s and plenty of movement. I waited for them to check my cervix after they made sure I wasn't having any contractions. I told them I wasn't. I said it was only the normal Braxton Hicks...I mean...this isn't my first Rodeo if you get my drift. They wanted to check anyways. 

The Dr came in and used that metal tool that opens up the vaginal canal so she could get a clear view of my cervix. HOLY OW!!! It hurt so badly I saw stars. It hurt as badly as when I am checked during labor. Luckily my cervix was super high (although it always is even when I'm in active labor...the nurse has had to use her finger inserted into the dialated opening to hook it and pull it down around Emma and Hunter's head in the past. WHEW that hurt.) and my cervix was also thick. They measured it with a vaginal ultrasound and I measured at 3.5cm. She said they get concerned if its less than 2cm thick but mine looked great. I was relieved and let my IPs know. :) So now I need to invest in a back and belly brace to lift my belly a little. Gravity is just winning a little bit right now and making me uncomfortable. Princess Surrobaby is camped out in my pelvis which is where the pressure is coming from, but its not doing anything bad. She is just ready to grow in that head down position and I'm fine with it as long as she stays in there for a few more weeks. :)

This Tuesday July 1st I am getting a 3D ultrasound done for my IPs. :) I had them with my own babies and I just loved it so I thought they might like it too. So excited to send them pictures of their baby girl!!!!!

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