Thursday, November 7, 2013

Holy medication Bat-man!!

I got my box of medications today! My chart on my phone says my period is due to begin in 6 days, but the cramps I feel right now might mean it's sooner than that. I knew there would be a lot of medicines in the box arriving today, I knew there would be needles, and lots of pills, but Holy Moses!
All of this is to essentially manufacture my body's naturaly produced hormones, so that the Dr's can be aware of exactly how much of each hormone is given to maximize the chances of pregnancy at the IVF transfer. I have Estrogen that I will begin taking when my period starts, and progesterone in pill form, also Progesterone oil for the injections that begin a few days before my transfer and continue into the beginning of the pregnancy. I have anti-biotics that I will take after the transfer to prevent any unforseen infection...and the needle, which APPARENTLY needs to be stuck ALL the way into my muscle above my bottom. HOLY OW!!! Its all good.. I hate needles but it's worth it. Maybe I'll take a picture of my face while my husband sticks me. Just call me Corinne-pin-cushion! Here's the needle....

And her is a picture of my son who wanted to be a part of all of the picture taking I was doing..

Now that I have all of the medication I need, the only thing left to do before it all starts is wait for my period. 

I leave tomorrow morning for Los Angeles CA to be a part of SAI's retreat in Universal City! I'm so excited to sit down and chat with other surrogate mothers and to hear from them about their own experiences. It will be a weekend for the soul. I am just filled with joy about this whole process. :) I will update all of you after my weekend with plenty of pictures and memories made. 


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  1. I am soon to be starting my surrogate journey! I am terrified of needles but it is in deed worth it! How are things going?