Monday, November 18, 2013

A transfer date!!!

Its officially happening!! I have a tentative transfer date of December 4th. My period started yesterday and I started my medication today. Estradiol that I take 3 times daily, baby asprin once a day, prenatal vitimins and then I have some ultrasounds and blood work done. On Nov 29th they do a final check to measure my uterine lining. When they see that it's nice and thick (bc it will be, I am thinking nicely lined thoughts) they will officially schedule my transfer for the 4th of December!! The 29th of Nov will begin my Progesterone Oil shots in my hip every day until I am 12 weeks pregnant, and also a progesterone gel caplet that is taken vaginally every day. (Weird I know.. but's the medical facts and I TOLD you I was going to be blunt didn't I?)

My IF is coming out for the transfer and I am so excited to see him! IM can't come out because she is still recovering from some medical complications and can't fly just yet. Indonesia is a looooong couple of flights away. I plan on skyping the appointment though so she can be a part of it. If not, I will record the ultrasound where we can see them insert the embryo! Either way I want to be sure she is 100% included and so she can see her little baby from day 1!!

In the words of Linguini from Rattatouie "Lets do this thing!!"

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