Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Anxiously waiting..

I feel like I have checked my email 30 times today. My profile is "live" as of today on the SAI surrogate site, and I am so anxious.

I have a couple emotions running through me right now, the first of which is feeling anxious. Are they looking at my profile? Will they feel pulled to want to meet me? These are people who will be trusting me with the life of their child!

Next I feel excited, excited because my life is about to be changed forever. Being a surrogate is something I have wanted to do for a long time, and now I am actually doing it! I will actually be helping couples have the children they have dreamed of!

I also feel scared. Scared because the whole process is new to me. The shots, the implantation, the high possibility of twins. Its all new to me. I should probably stop checking my email all day, but its so easy to do on my iPhone. I am so nervous to actually meet the couple that chooses me. What am I going to say "Hi nice to meet you, feel like implanting your baby in me?" I think I just need to focus on relaxing, and embracing every moment of this experience. Worry less about the first meet, and more about just being myself.

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