Thursday, January 28, 2016

Its Twins!!

At 3 days past my transfer I took an at home pregnancy test and it read as positive! I was so excited. With my last surrogacy I didn't get a positive home pregnancy test until 10 days after my transfer so I KNEW it was going to be multiples. At 10 days after my 5 day transfer I had my first Beta HCG test and my numbers were high!! 3,564!!

Second HCG Beta a week later was 24,788!! Then I started to worry about the possibility of triplets. Last week I went in for my ultrasound and I am excited to announce that both embryos took!! I am going to be having Boy/girl twins for my IPs!!

Both IFs are super excited, and IF#1 has come to every appointment with me to see the babies. Its so nice having local IPs this time around because they really get to be there for as much as they want! I'm being seen at Stanford which is really awesome since my family is a Stanford family. I was seen at Stanford for my very first pregnancy, so it's nice to be back and in such wonderful care. I have another ultrasound next Thursday and my first regular OB visit on the 19th of Feb. So things are looking great!

Morning sickness is mostly better now, I'm just trying to focus on my weight gain. I went from weighing 135 before transfer to 148, so I need to start doing some prenatal yoga or other exercise to maintain my strength and fitness.

Thats the update for now! I will upload a video of the ultrasound next week! :)

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