Monday, September 22, 2014

Pictures from Labor...

These amazing images were taken by my IP's close friend Oetomo. He is also in Instgram as "Oetomofoto" his work is beautiful and I am so happy he was able to capture these precious moments on film.

                                                                        38 Weeks!

                                         Daddy feeling his daughter move for the first time.

                                              Jason timing my contractions on a phone app.

             My IP's family nanny feeling Alaya and saying "Yes she is coming." Oh and Emma. ;)

                                                      Jason and I in front of our house.

                                       In the observation room waiting and being monitored.

 When mom walked into the room and spoke, her daughter's heart rate jumped on the monitor...she knew her mommy was there.

    Mom feeling her daughter moving around. I could honestly feel their connection. It was incredible.

(More pictures to come.)

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