Thursday, April 10, 2014

Its a.......

(Apparently some people were confused by the last image I had up because the hairbow I used was blue. Didn't mean to confuse, I just grabbed the nearest bow that I use for my daughter. Hope this is less confusing. Its definitely a girl!)

My ultrasound appointment was at 9am and I met IM and IF at the hospital. IF met me at the main door and greeted me with a big hug and we walked over to see IM. We hugged and I said hello to IM's Mother and Father and their friend who came with them before going to check in. The Ultrasound technician was running late but I didn't mind because it gave all of us a chance to chat and catch up a little. All the regular conversation subjects... How was your flight? Whats the weather like in Indonesia...Are you excited? All of that. IF joked about how the baby was sure to look like IM, and then the nurse came out to call us in. They had no problem allowing IM and IF into the ultrasound with me (which I was prepared to fight tooth and nail for.)  They did all of the usual checks for a 20 week ultrasound and said everything looked amazing. The heart had 4 beautiful chambers, good looking umbelical chord, extremities looked great and 100% sure its a girl!! IM was so happy to hear the baby was a girl. I agreed with her that girls have such a different closer relationship to their mommies than boys do, and since this will be their only child I knew they were so pleased to get ready for their little Princess.

After the ultrasound they drove with me to my house and were able to visit with my kids. Emma gave them a nice display of how dramatic she is, and kept asking to watch Frozen. Hunter grabbed the IP's friend who came with them by the hand and practically dragged him to his room to show him all his toys. I went back to rescue him after a while. ;) I gave my IPs a gift with little girl onesies and tiny slippers and they brought me delicious cookies from their layover in Tokyo, and the most amazing coffee!! I am so excited to make it sometime...but I want my brother to do it for me since I am sure I wouldn't brew it correctly with my cheapo coffee maker.

We had a nice time talking about what we planned for the delivery. I told them that I was comfortable with them both being in the room for my pushing and that they could follow their healthy baby and Jason would stay with me. I told them that their family was also welcome in the hospital room with them while we waited for push time. :) They are now on their way to LA and then to see some of the sights here in America while they are visiting! I will see them again in August when they will be out here until I deliver their baby. 

Thank you for all the prayers and love from everyone on this journey. Their baby is looking great! (and currently kicking.)

** I forgot to get a picture of all of us together!! Oh time. :)**

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