Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Here we go!! :)

You know that moment when you're on a roller coaster, all strapped in, and the car slowly tick tick ticks it's way up to the top of the very tall hill? The anticipation as you get higher and higher builds as the car finally levels at the top, almost seeming to stop, before gravity and momentum pulls the car forward and you begin the journey on the rest of the roller coaster.

I am at the top of the hill you guys, about to begin my incredible, fun, and whirlwind of a journey in this surrogacy roller coaster.. I have the final draft of my Surrogacy contract IN HAND, and will be signing it tomorrow with a Notary who is coming to our house to fill out all the paperwork.

My Period started yesterday, so as soon as I turn this paperwork into my attorney I can go get my estrogen pills to begin building the lining of my uterus. Once everything is lined, I will schedule my transfer and a few days before my transfer, begin the Progesterone shots in my hip every day for the next 3 months I believe. (I find out for sure when I get all the medication so I can have a more accurate description of all that when I get it.)

I'm going to get emotional here for a second. (This will happen a lot you guys..) I have dreamed about his journey for a very long time. To be able to help IF (Intended Father) and IM (Intended Mother) is the most incredible blessing. They have told me on several occasions how grateful they are, but I cannot express how grateful I am to THEM! To allow me the honor of helping them to have their first child. Words cannot express the complete and tangible joy that brings to my soul. Their child will forever be a glow around my heart because I will be able to help God to create a family! Their child will be born in their hearts..IS born in their hearts, and has lived there since the day they desired to have him/her. I am just the package their baby will be wrapped in, growing, and getting ready to finally be placed in their arms. It's a strange emotion, a strange feeling, to feel a soul waiting to come to earth, standing in the wings. This is all really happening. Please send your prayers to whichever God you believe in, or if you believe in no God, send positive energy into the world with IF and IM in mind as we get ready for a transfer hopefully in a few weeks! Pray or hope for the embryo to nestle comfortably and healthy for the next 9 months. :)

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